The Parish Church of St. Clement

St Clement's, the Living Church in the Ancient Town of Sandwich Kent

Donations and Funding of St. Clement's Church, Sandwich

St. Clements Tower

What it costs to keep St. Clement's working

It costs over £2,500 per week to maintain St Clement's Parish Church. Like any other building, the costs of heating, lighting and insurance must be met.

Like all parish churches, we have a financial commitment to our local diocese (over £85,000 per year). And out of that, the Canterbury diocese and the national church provide us with our clergy, their accommodation, and many essential services.

However, we receive no funding from national or local government.

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Tower Appeal Success

Over the centuries the salt winds and rain off the English Channel and the winter frosts took their toll on the Caen limestone of which the tower is built.
To prevent further damage to the tower and church roof, urgent restoration was required.

The success of the appeal in reaching its fund-raising target of £500,000 in four years from 2006 to 2010 has been the result of tremendous support and generosity from the Parish, the Town and also from much further afield.

The achievement of the Parish in saving the tower of St Clement's Church for future generations is now plain for all to see on the Sandwich skyline

St. Clement's Church Tower
St. Clement's Tower Restored

Before restoration
Before Restoration